Club Directory

 First Division Clubs:


 Europa FC

 Address: 34 Devils Tower Rd, Gibraltar

 President: Mr Peter Cabezutto

 Secretary: Mr Clive Reed

 Email: [email protected] 





Europa Point FC

 Address: 51A Europa Rd, Gibraltar

 President: Mr John Gontier

 Secretary: Mr Alland Hernandez

 Email: [email protected]



 Gibraltar Utd FC

 Address: 3 Straits View Terrace, Gibraltar

 President: Mr Paul Collado

 Secretary: Mr Jonathan McNiece

 Email: [email protected]


 Glacis United FC

 Address: Glacis ASC, Goole House, Glacis Esate, Gibraltar

 President: Mr Stephen Serrano

 Secretary: Mr T Gomez

 Email: [email protected]


 Lincoln Red Imps FC

 Address: 64 Red Sands House, Red Sands Rd, Gibraltar

 President: Mr Derek Alman

 Secretary: Mr Michael McElwee

 Email: [email protected]

 Lions Gibraltar FC

 Address: 43A Queensway, Gibraltar

 President: Mr Alex Grech

 Secretary: Mr Kadrian Bugeja

 Email: [email protected]


 Lynx FC

 Address: 41/3 Europa Rd, Gibraltar

 President: Mr Albert Parody 

 Secretary: Mr James Cavilla

 Email: [email protected]


 Manchester 62 FC

 Address: 3 Wellington Front, Gibraltar

 President: Mr John Charles Camilleri

 Secretary: Mr Logan Moreno

 Email: [email protected]




 Mons Calpe SC

 Address: 8703 Acacia Ct, Gibraltar

 President: Mr Kieran Alman

 Email: [email protected]



 St Joseph's FC

 Address: Gibro House, 4 Giro's Passage, Gibraltar

 President: Mr Stuart Rodriguez

 Secretary: Mr Michael Bautista

 Email: [email protected]

Second Division Clubs

 Angels FC

 Address: 61/1 Prince Edwards Rd, Gibraltar

 President: Mr Edmund Hosken

 Email: [email protected] 


 Cannons FC

 Address: 35 Northview Terrace, Gibraltar

 President: Mr Christian Pons

 Secretary: Mr Ernest Podesta

 Email: [email protected]





 College 1975 FC

 Address: 18F South Barrack Rd, Gibraltar

 President: Mr Joseph Mir

 Secretary: Mr Daniel Berllaque

 Email: [email protected]



 FC Boca Juniors Gib

 Address: 20 Withams Rd, Gibraltar

 President: Mr Andrew Montegriffo

 Secretary: Mr Michael Podesta

 Email: [email protected]



 FCB Magpies

 Address: 17 The Sails, Queensway, Gibraltar

 President: Mrs Doreen Perry

 Secretary: Mr Louis Perry

 Email: [email protected]



 FC Hound Dogs

 Address: C/o Calpe Hounds, Cornwalls Lane, Gibraltar

 President: Mr Sean Harrison

 Secretary: Me Ercan Mehmet

 Email: [email protected]



 FC Olympique 13

 Address: 31 Mimosa Lodge, Montagu Gardens, Gibraltar

 President: Mr Matthew Torres

 Secretary: Mr James Fortunato

 Email: [email protected]



 Gibraltar Phoenix FC

 Address: 9 Goole House, Glacis Estate Gibraltar

 President: Mr Nicholas Gaiviso

 Secretary: Ms Gianella Linares

 Email: [email protected]



 Leo FC

 Address: 31 Mimosa Lodge, Montagu Gardens, Gibraltar

 President: Mr Karl Alecio

 Secretary: Mr Jonathan Ferarry

 Email: [email protected]


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The Gibraltar FA is delighted to announce the appointment of Desi Curry as the Association’s new Technical Director.

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Deputy General Secretary Appointed a UEFA Disciplinary Inspector

Deputy General Secretary appointed by the UEFA Executive Committee as a UEFA Disciplinary Inspector.

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