Futsal 3rd Division 16/17


Lions Gib FC VS FC Hound Dogs

Boca Juniors Gib FC VS Red Imps Lek Bangkok FC

Saints New Team FC VS Newton Store FC

Laguna 55 FC VS Special Olympics Gib FC


Moroccan Athletic
Saints New Team FC

Match Report

Boca Juniors Gib FC 4
Lions Gib FC 2

Match Report

Red Imps Lek Bangkok FC 0
Laguna 55 FC 1

Match Report

Futsal 3rd Division 16/17
Hercules Football Club109104628
Boca Juniors Gib FC108113025
Newton Store FC108025524
Laguna FC10613419
Red Imps Lek Bangkok FC10415-713
Saints New Team FC9324-411
Special Olympics Gib FC10307-359
Moroccan Athletic9207-186
Lions Gib FC10208-236
FC Hound Dogs10109-483

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Group G of the 2017/18 UEFA Futsal EURO preliminary rounds comes to Gibraltar this weekend. 

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National Futsal Squad to travel to Switzerland this weekend

National Futsal Squad to play 2 International Friendlies as part of their preparations for next week's UEFA Futsal EURO Qualifiers.

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Top scorers
Player Goals
Formica-Corsi 19
Grech 19
Gilbert 16
Rodriguez 15
Mirpuri 14
Avellano 13
Viagas 12
Freeman 10
Sheriff 10
Lagares 10