Luisito Bonavia Trophy 17/18


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Lynx FC 4
Glacis Utd FC 3

Match Report

Top scorers
Player Goals
Fraile 2
Robba 1
Canovas Serrano 1
Benitez Garcia 1
Ruiz 1
Montovio 1
Martin Martin 0
Bernal Cabeza 0
Dominguez 0

During the 1990s and the turn of the century the sport of Futsal thrived in Gibraltar. One man in particular personified the game.

Louis Bonavia, (Louisito to everyone), and his various Bon Milk sides were some of the dominant teams of the era. The Futsal Goalscorer of his generation was deprived the opportunity of displaying his talents on the International Scene during Gibraltar's pre UEFA days.

Tragically, in September 2008, Louisito was taken away from us in a fatal road accident. In his honour and to forever associate his name with Futsal in Gibraltar, his Wife and Children have donated the Louisito Bonavia Trophy which from 2015 onwards will become Gibraltar's annual season curtain raiser - the Futsal Super Cup. 

In the words of Louisito's Wife Gail:

We wanted to donate this trophy because we wanted his love and passion for this sport to be remembered. He took each and every game seriously and would make sure that his team and himself would give 100% in the match. I can remember that he would even call the younger players in his  team to make sure that they would have an early night and not go out late so that their performance in the match would excel!

After 20 years or so i think he still holds the 'top scorer record' scoring over 100 goals in a season. Louisito enjoyed futsal most because its a faster paced game and the adrenaline rush that goes with this game is what he thrived on. He would push his team mates and himself to the limit to achieve the best result and improve himself as a striker