Club Licensing

Scope of Application

  1. These Regulations govern the rights, duties and responsibilities of all parties involved in the GFA club licensing system for the participation in UEFA club competitions and define in particular:
    1. The minimum requirements to be fulfilled by the GFA in order to act as the Licensor for its Licence Applicants, as well as the minimum procedures to be followed by the GFA in the assessment of the Club Licensing Criteria;
    2. the Licence Applicant and the UEFA Licence required to enter the UEFA club competitions;
    3. the minimum sporting, infrastructure, personnel and administrative, legal and financial criteria to be fulfilled by a Licence Applicant in order to be granted a UEFA Licence by the GFA as part of the admission procedure to enter the UEFA club competitions;
  2. All Licensees that sportingly qualify for a UEFA club competition must comply with the UEFA Club Monitoring requirements which are defined in Part III of the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations.”


These regulations aim:

  1. to further promote and continuously improve the standard of all aspects of football in Gibraltar and to give continued priority to the training and care of young players in every Club Member (as this term is defined in the Statutes of the GFA);
  2. to ensure that Club Members have an adequate level of management and organisation;
  3. to adapt clubs’ sporting infrastructure to provide players, spectators and media representatives with suitable, well-equipped and safe facilities;
  4. to protect the integrity and smooth running of the UEFA club competitions;
  5. to improve the economic and financial capability of Club Members, increasing their transparency and credibility;
  6. to place the necessary importance on the protection of creditors and to ensure that Club Members settle their liabilities with players, social/tax authorities and other clubs punctually;
  7. to allow the development of benchmarking for Club Members in financial, sporting, legal, personnel, administrative and infrastructure-related criteria throughout Europe


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