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  • e-First Division

The Gibraltar Football Association’s very own personalized virtual league will be known as the e-First Division.

This competition will include Gibraltar’s ten top flight teams which will make up the inaugural First Division in the 2017/2018 e-football season.


  • League Control

The competition will be managed, controlled and organized by the GFA and eSports Agency. These bodies reserve the right of possibly modifying certain rules during the course of the competition.

All teams taking part in the e-First Division must comply with the requirements and regulations arranged for the competition.

The GFA and eSports Agency constitute the competition committee, which has full authority to sanction teams or players who break the rules.


  • Composition of the Competition

The League will start on Sunday 12th November, 2017.

The competition will consist of 18 fixtures with each team facing each other twice throughout the course of the season.


  • The League Participation

Teams participating in the league will be the eSports sections of each of the clubs competing in the 2017/2018 season in First Division.


  • Player Registration

Each player can only compete as part of one single team per season.

The maximum number of registered players in one team will be 15.

The team must have a minimum of 3 Home Grown Players at all times.


  • Players & Captains

All teams must have a captain who represents the team and who is responsible for being the main spokesperson between the organization and the team.

The captain shall be responsible for uploading the matches to twitch as well as reporting the results.


  • Player Registration Windows

The registration of players needs to be completed and submitted before 11th November at 23:59.

Taking advantage of the Christmas break, a transfer window will open in order for team to register new players. This window will be open as from 24th December at 00:01 up until 31st December at 23:59.


  • The Competition


Scoring System:

Distribution of points will reflect those of the Laws of the Game as follows:

The Winner will be awarded 3 points, the Loser 0 points and in the case of a draw - each team will receive 1 point.


The league will be composed of the 10 teams participating in the competition.

No team is to be relegated in this first season.

The classification of the table will be determined by the number of points. In case of a points draw between several teams, positions will be determined according to the goals in favour i.e. goals scored. In case of a goals in favour draw, will be determined according to goals conceded.

The teams who finish in the top 6 will go on to qualify for the play-offs which will determine who wins the title.

The teams who finish 1st and 2nd, respectively will proceed directly to the semi-finals.

Those placed between the third and sixth position will play wild cards to qualify for the semi-finals.


The qualifying rounds will be played on a single match basis.

There will be a previous wild card phase in which the team who finished third in the league will face the team who came in sixth (Match A) and the team who finished fourth will come up against the team who finished fifth (Match B).

The winner of Match A will face the team who came in second place in the final League standings and the winner of Match B will face the team who finished top of the pile.

The winners of the semi-finals will then go on to face each other in the final.

A Local Team shall always be the best qualified in the regular season.


  • Player default in match

Both teams must be available at the time the game is due to kick-off.

A delay of 10 minutes is allowed. Once this period comes to a close and the team in question is still unavailable to play – they will be forced to forfeit the match, subsequently losing any chance to pick up any points. Furthermore, the team will be issued with a penalty of a three point deduction. The opposing team that is willing to play will receive all three points and will claim the victory by default.


  • Match Stoppage

In the instance that once the match is started, the image then becomes frozen or some kind of bug or error occurs, the match shall be restarted. Such options are considered whenever the break down is caused by a general failure.

  1. Minute 00:01 to 05:00: Match restarts normally.
  2. Minute 05:01 to 90:00: The match is restarted and will revert back to the same scoreboard as seen before the incident occurred. If any goals were scored, they must be re-created by the same player and allowed to score without opposition. Otherwise, there will be sanction for the infringing team. Once play continues at the same moment as to when the incident occurred, the game will resume as normal.

If a single player causes an error as such, the game will continue as usual.


  • In-Play Match Rules

There is no limitation in the way of playing – this will be at the discretion of each player. We advise all players to consider fair play and to respect the rules.

Moreover there is no limitation in the configuration of the Virtual Player whenever it is obtained – only in the case that it is obtained by unfair practices.

The rules forbid the receiver of a throw-in or a corner kick be placed at some time off the field before receiving the ball. If it occurs and the player is taking part in the play, it becomes invalid. In this case the offender team must give possession of the ball to the opponent team. In case of not returning it, the player who carried out the illegal action will be sanctioned with a 1 match ban.

It is forbidden to disturb the goalkeeper when he does not have the ball (within the area) or when he has it in his hands.

It is not allowed to place players under the crossbar or within the penalty area when defending a direct foul.

You must wait 5 seconds after placing a pre-determined set-piece.


  • Information on Match Results

After each game, the captain of each team is obliged to fill in the tab pertaining to the match and must send it to the email address:

Once the final whistle is blown, there is a 24 hour period whereby the captain must submit the aforementioned information.


  • Rules to Counter Betting

All players registered in the league are prohibited from betting on games and any results pertaining to that of the e-First Division matches.

Likewise, betting on any other event related to the matches played in the competition is prohibited, regardless of whether the bets are made on matches where players participate or not.


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