GFA's Referee Manager Coaches European Referees at UEFA's Centre of Referee Excellence

Adrian Bacarisa - GFA's Referee Manager Selected as a UEFA Referee Coach at CORE

The UEFA Centre of Refereeing Excellence (CORE) in Nyon, Switzerland, plays a key role in training potential future FIFA match officials, ensuring high quality standards for the next generation. Every two years, the national federations are invited to send to CORE a referee and two assistant referees whom they have identified as potential FIFA match officials. The  essential  philosophy  is  familiarising  the  referees  with  the  high standards of professionalism that are required by UEFA.

The course includes an introductory stage of 10 consecutive days followed, a few months later, by an 8-day consolidation phase. The course is  attended by only eight referee teams who will work closely with four referee coaches, former international referees, as tutors, two assistant referee coaches and two fitness trainers. The training is divided into theoretical phases, with audio visual support, followed by a subsequent phase of practice on the field of play, in which the participants will be engaged in refereeing matches in the French or Swiss lower leagues. There are also practical and fitness sessions on a daily basis. Match Officials are encouraged to develop self-analysis on their performances and identify objectives at the end of the Introductory Course. The match officials are expected to work on their objectives with the help of their referee coaches and to having achieved those objectives by the time the Consolidation Course comes around.

For CORE No 39 – 24th April to 3rd May and 4th Oct to 11th Oct 2018 UEFA selected GFA Referee Manager Adrian Bacarisa as one of the referee coaches. As a referee coach Adrian advises the match officials in terms of match preparation and analysis, player management, control of thegame and assisting them in meeting their individual objectives.  He is coaching referee trios from Slovenia and Israel.

At the consolidation phase the progress made in the refereeing field will be evaluated, as well as the English language and their fitness level. At the conclusion of the programme, the referees will receive a prestigious certificate of attendance.


Reflecting on his experiences at CORE, Adrian Bacarisa stated:

The opportunity to be involved in the UEFA CORE Programme is much sought after by both match officials and coaches. I have found myself working with ex international referees who have been involved in World Cups, Euros and Champions League matches. This has also helped me in developing as a Referee Coach. The coaching of potential FIFA match officials who come from different cultures within the UEFA family has also provided me with challenges in this Introductory Course. Very much looking forward to working with the refereeing trios of Slovenia and Israel over the coming months and help them in achieving their objectives at the Consolidation Course in October.”

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