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The Futsal First Divison play offs, that decide which team will represent Gibraltar in next season's UEFA Futsal Champions League, kicks off this weekend. 

The four best placed teams from the Futsal First Division regular season will take place in the play offs, which will be contested in a 'Best of 3' format. 

The four teams competing are Europa FC, Lynx FC, Hercules Football Club and South United FC

Having finished top of the Futsal First Division regular season, Europa FC will take on fourth placed South United FC, while runners up Lynx FC will clash against third placed Hercules Football Club.

The complete fixtures are: 

  • South United vs Europa FC - 26/02 | 16:00
  • Hercules Football Club vs Lynx FC - 26/02 | 18:00

  • Europa FC vs South United - 05/03 | 16:00
  • Lynx FC vs Hercules Football Club - 05/03 | 18:00

As the play offs are being contested in a 'Best of 3' format, if a winner has not been decided after two matches, a third fixture will be played if required on 06/03.

In this case, if the third fixture ends in a draw, extra-time and penalty shootouts will be implemented in order to assure a victor.

The final of the play offs will also be played in a 'Best of 3' format, with the fixtures scheudled for 12/03, 15/03 and if required 22/03.