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The Gibraltar FA's partnership with PGMOL brought further referee education events to fruition over the past weekend with Gibraltar Match Officials and Referee Observers attending workshops aimed at furthering their development in their respective roles in refereeing.

PGMOL Instructors Richard Beeby and Peter Roberts took GFL referees and assistant referees through a workshop on self-analysis, obtaining maximum benefit from observer reports, management of restarts,  selling decisions and positioning in open play.  

Referee Observers were addressed in their own workshop on key themes from reviewed observer reports, key observer strengths and match video clips discussions.

Both PGMOL Instructors attended the five GFL matches, over the weekend, offering coaching points for match officials and observers.

The Gibraltar FA/PGMOL partnership continues to flourish with further development events being planned.

Gibraltar FA Referee Manager Adrian Bacarisa stated: "The partnership that we have set up with the PGMOL has been welcomed by our own GFL match officials and observers. This last weekend’s workshops were well attended with knowledge gained by all. Referees, Assistant Referees and Observers were receptive to the advice and coaching tips offered by the PGMOL Instructors during the workshops and at post-match debriefs. We continue in the journey of making the GFL match officials and observers better through education events with external expertise."