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A Gibraltar refereeing team has travelled to andorra this weekend to take charge of two top flight fixtures ion the Andorran League. 

The team consists of Referees Jason Barcelo & Patrick Canpea and Assistant Referees Michael Gordillo and Kyron Azopardi.  

They will be officialting: 


Saturday 27th April 2019 - FC Santa Coloma v Inter Club Escaldes - 20:30

Referee: Jason Barcelo

Assistant Referee 1:Michael Gordillo

Assistant Referee 2: Kyron Azopardi

4th Official: Patrick Canpea 


Sunday 28th April 2019 - UE Engordany v UE Sant Julia - 12:00

Referee: Patrick Canepa

Assistant Referee 1: Kyron Azopardi

Assistant Referee 2: Michael Gordillo

4th Official: Jason Barcelo