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Three Gibraltar FA match officials will travel to UEFA's Refereeing Centre of Excellence will participate in a UEFA CORE Programme over the coming weeks.

Referee Seth Galia, and Assistant Referees Denis Perez and Ruben Navarro will attend CORE No 44 Introductory Course from the 14th to 23rd May. they will then follow this up with up with the CORE Consolidation Course later in October 2019.

CORE plays a key role in training potential future FIFA match officials, ensuring high quality standards for the next generation of match opfficials.

The training is divided into theoretical phases with audio visual support followed by a phase of practice on the field of play. Participants will be engaged in refereeing matches in the lower leagues in Switzerland and France and producing self-analyses of their performance.

In the consolidation phase the progress made on the  field will be evaluated, as well as their familiarity with the English language and their fitness level. At the conclusion of the program, the referees will receive a prestigious certificate of attendance.

Our Match officials had this to say of their rapidly approaching attendance at UEFA CORE No 44

Seth Galia:

“Being selected by Gibraltar FA to represent them at the UEFA Centre of Referee Excellence – CORE, is a massive honour. Throughout the course I am looking forward to working with my two assistant referees Denis Perez and Ruben Navarro, as well as learning and experiencing coaching and development from the different UEFA referee coaches and working alongside other young promising referees from various countries. My expectation of the course is to ensure continued development as a match official, and hopefully create a pathway into refereeing at an international standard in the future.”


Denis Perez;

“What we expect from CORE is knowledge and improvement. The knowledge that we will gain at CORE will help us to improve to elite standards in the future. CORE is also an opportunity to prove all we have learnt and to work alongside future elite referees of the bigger countries in Europe. An opportunity for us to prove that we can even match them in enthusiasm and knowledge.”


Ruben Navarro;

“As a young assistant referee I feel really lucky for the great  opportunity I’ve been given as I believe it is a good chance to not only develop and learn new skills and techniques from my coaches, the rest of international participants and my own colleagues,  but also to gain experience and use it in the future in my refereeing career.”