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Gibraltar Referees Seth Galia and Denis Perez successfully completed the UEFA CORE programme this week. After initially completing the CORE Introductory stage six months ago and setting out objectives with UEFA CORE coaches they returned last week to UEFA HQ  take on the Consolidation stage of the programme.

Both young men proved that they had met objectives and brought their CORE participation to a  successful end. Their journey towards international refereeing commences now. 

Seth Galia has bee thrilled at the time he has spent at CORE:

“The UEFA Centre of Referee Excellence experience was one which has helped us improve, develop and train our skills both on and off the field of play as match officials. Under the guidance of our coaches Mr Ray Ellingham (Wales) and Jan Petter Randen (Norway), and all other experienced coaching staff, we learned the professionalism and standard expected on the international stage, and have taken on board the continued coaching to hopefully ensure an international career in refereeing in the near future.”

Denis Perez commented:

"During the consolidation course for CORE we were able not only to keep developing our skills as match officials but also we managed to prove that with professional training and dedication everything is possible.

It has been great to spend these 6 months working with referees from other countries in Europe and specially with our colleagues from Mexico. I am sure we learnt a lot from all of them and we will take that knowledge to Gibraltar to improve our performances and hopefully help other referees to get to this stage as well."