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Ahead of the upcoming International Friendlies against Slovenia and Andorra, Julio Ribas’ men have been hard at work in preparation to once again make Gibraltar proud.

With the matches rapidly approaching, we caught up with one of Gibraltar’s hottest young talents, Kieron Garcia, who struggled to find the words to describe the prospect of joining Julio and his squad on our latest European venture.

How would you describe your season?

Long. With the two lockdowns it was quite difficult. Just before the season started we did a pre-season on Zoom and then we started the season. We started a bit edgy but we had a nice run towards the end before the Christmas break. After that the second lockdown came which was another challenge for us as we came back and we lost our tempo and our form.

We did finish the season on a high despite coming up short in the Rock Cup semi-final, but in our last league run we picked up two wins and a draw so we were happy with our performance.

How does it feel to be part of the setup?

Brilliant. My goal before the season started was to start training with them so yeh, this is unbelievable. Being in the youth level at U19 and U21, this is what you aim for, so to get here is just unbelievable.

How has playing for the youth teams helped you?

It gives you a sort of insight into what you’re coming up against, the facilities and how they live for football. Unfortunately, we’re a bit setback in terms of how some people have work or school but the determination and pride we all share Is second to none. We all give our all.

What could you provide the National Team?

I’ll give my all if I am called upon. I’ll fight to the end and just like all Gibraltarians do because that’s what we are.

What can Julio teach you as an individual?

From the short time I’ve had with him already he’s given me a bit of insight into what he’s expecting from me. He also opened up my mind in terms of how he wants us to play and he gives me the confidence to play on the ball so its quite nice actually.

If you were picked, what would it feel like?

Just like everyone else I’ve sacrificed a lot and worked hard to be here so its hard to put it into words. It’s what we all dream about growing up as a kid, especially since we got into UEFA. You know you want to play against the top top players and the top nations so if I was picked it would be a dream come true.

How proud would you be?

Proud would be an understatement. Just being able to put on this shirt is an honour.