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Ahead of the upcoming International Friendlies against Slovenia and Andorra, Julio Ribas’ men have been hard at work in preparation to once again make Gibraltar proud.

With the matches rapidly approaching, we caught up with one of Julio’s most trusted stars and a player who perfectly encapsulates the Passion, Faith and Family within the squad, Blackburn Rovers FC starlet Louie Annesley.

How has the past season been playing in the UK?
It’s been great, I’ve had a good consistent season and I feel ready to crack on now with the National Team.

How has the start of the season been with the National Team?

It’s been good, it’s been challenging but it’s been good. We feel like we’re improving in each and every game we play in, that’s the main thing, and now we can keep improving with these next two games.

How influential has Julio been in your career so far?

Very Influential. I’ve had to learn a new position and I think I’m grasping that now and starting to improve in that position. I’m loving it and as I said, he’s been very influential and he has helped me a lot.

You were part of the Nations League Success, what did that mean to you?

Everything, it was everything we wanted. It was great to be a part of it. Playing every game is exactly what I wanted to do and I think for the Nation it was brilliant. We’re going into Group C now and we’ll be playing against bigger and better opposition which will test us even more and we’re ready for that. We’re ready for the opportunity.

What does it mean to be back in the National Team?

Every time I get selected, I want to come straight away as soon as I can. To come now is exactly what I wanted and again like I said, I’m ready to train and prepare for these games.

What does playing for Gibraltar mean to you?

To me it’s everything. I’m Gibraltarian and I love playing for Gibraltar. I will do for as long as I can.