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Lincoln Red Imps have been crowned the winners of the Gibraltar Women’s League 2019/20 after a 2-1 victory over Europa on Wednesday night.

Lincoln still have two matches to play in the league but sit 12 points clear of Lions Gibraltar who have three games remaining.

After the victory, Coach Michael Ruiz said:


“Although there is quite a lot more football to be played this season, so far we are delighted not only with the results and having retained the League title for the fourth consecutive year but also with the commitment and hard work our ladies put in on a weekly basis to achieve the objectives set out at the beginning of the season. This was no other than to try and win every competition we participate in.

We believe we have a very diverse squad. We have many young talented players playing alongside experienced players and this is helping them learn and develop at a faster pace. This combination is what we believe has been the difference with the other clubs and what has given us that extra edge over them in the last few seasons. 

Our next objective is the Rock Cup, a trophy that Lions Gibraltar FC deservedly won last year and that we are eager and will make every effort to bring it home.

After the Rock Cup, we are also looking forward to moving indoors for the futsal league, a competition that is relatively new for women's football and that has received a lot of exposure recently since the visit from Northern Ireland and trips to Morocco and Northern Ireland, culminating with the recent announced participation of our Women's National Team in the Euro Qualifiers to be held in Gibraltar. 

As a club committed to women football, we are conscious of all the hard work going on behind the scenes by the GFA, led enthusiastically by Laura McGinn, to continue further exposing women’s football on the Rock. Going back a few years, women’s football only had the Island Games to look forward to. Today the spectrum is widening and this is evident as we now also look forward to participate in the UEFA U16 Development Tournaments, Futsal Euros and most importantly we are seeing an increase in girls playing football from as young as 4 and 5 years of age right through to senior football.”