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We caught up with your Gibraltar Women's U19 National Team ahead of their second fixture this week, tomorrow's UEFA Women's U19 Qualifier vs Bulgaria!


Get the low down now on all of our young starlets below!



Name: Kylie Duarte

Age: 17

Position: Left Back

Favourite Football Memory: When I became old enough to understand football properly and began supporting Barcelona.

Favourite Footballer: Pedri, because he plays for barca which is the team i’ve supported since I was a young and he is very inspiring due to his age and levels of talent.

Fun Fact: This will be my international debut.



Name: Reighann Olivero

Age: 18

Position: CAM/Winger

Favourite Football Memory: My debut with the Women’s National Senior Squad. 

Favourite Footballer: Beth Mead, not only is she a world class player, but is also a player who will work hard for her team, both in and out of possession.

Fun Fact: I can solve a Rubik's cube.



Name: Arwen Neale

Age: 18

Position: Defender

Favourite Football Memory:Attending summer camps yearly in the summer.

Favourite Footballer: My favourite player is Lucy Bronze, as she’s a determined and an excellent player who never fails to impress!

Fun Fact: I enjoy riding motorbikes, my favourite being the Ducati Panigale V4 - which I hope to one day own!



Name: Sarah Popham

Age: 16

Position: Defender

Favourite Football Memory: Going to a summer football camp when I was 8 years old.

Favourite Footballer: Leah Williamson because I admire her composed playing style and defensive ability.

Fun Fact: I've only played for one club (Europa) in 8 years from youth to senior level.



Name: Ellen Dixon

Age: 18

Position: Left/Right wing

Favourite Football Memory: Playing football in my garden at around 6 years old as it is when I started to love the sport.

Favourite Footballer: Cristiano Ronaldo as I have always loved him from a very young age and have always admired his hard work and dedication.

Fun Fact: I can rap to every song Santan Dave has released.



Name: Isabella Rodriguez

Age: 15

Position: Winger/Striker

Favourite Football Memory: Watching Barcelona win the champions league final in 2012 against Manchester united.

Favourite Footballer: Leo Messi, no need for any explanation! He is a once in a generation talent and his career stats speak for themselves.

Fun Fact: I’m indecisive off the pitch. In fact, I don't know who is more indecisive, my teammate Sophia or I. For reference, the length of the original 1967 jungle book, 61 minutes and 20 seconds, is us trying to make a ‘decision’.



Name: Sophie Ward

Age: 17

Position: GK

Favourite Football Memory: Making my first international debut with the U16's in Malta.

Favourite Footballer: Leah Williamson as she showed the world that women can in fact play football just as well as men can.

Fun Fact: I am a 3rd generation goalkeeper. 



Name: Justine Cantos

Age: 16

Position: CDM

Favourite Football Memory: Me and my brother playing football when I was young in the patio of my estate. 

Favourite Footballer: Iniesta. I love the way that he holds onto the ball in the midfield.

Fun Fact: I get attached to my old football boots and never want to buy new ones.



Name: Harley Marie McGuigan

Age: 16

Position: RW/RB

Favourite Football Memory: The first time I ever kicked a ball was when I went out with my friends to the stadium. We ended up playing football against some other girls and a few days later I got told by a player to go to a training session. Even though I had no interest in football, Tiago told me I had nothing to lose, and to give football a go. Now I'm here.

Favourite Footballer: Leah williamson. She's a great player and an awesome leader. Shes able to make good decisions quickly for her team and has improved the development of women's football.

Fun Fact: I build motorbikes in my free time.



Name: Mollie Karp

Age: 17

Position: Striker

Favourite Football Memory: My first goal for Lions.

Favourite Footballer: Messi. He is my favorite as he’s the greatest player of all time and he’s the most entertaining player to watch in my opinion.

Fun Fact: I’m heavy good at juggling, like circus juggling. 



Name: Sophia Brinkman

Age: 17

Position: Central Midfielder

Favourite Football Memory: Playing football in the garden with my brother.

Favourite Footballer: Busquets. I look up to Busquets a lot, particularly his tranquility and elegance in the way he orchestrates the play. A quote by Vicente del Bosque sums it up “Watch the game you don’t see Busquets, you watch Busquets and you see the whole game.”

Fun Fact: I'm indecisive off the pitch. In fact i don't know who is more indecisive Isa or I. For reference jungle book, minute 61 and 20 seconds with the vultures, is us trying to ‘make a decision.’



Name: Anna Howard

Age: 16

Position: Midfielder

Favourite Football Memory: When I played my first ever 11-aside football match in Malta with the Gibraltar FA.

Favourite Footballer: Ella Toone, because she is a good role to me and a lot of other aspiring young female footballers.

Fun Fact: I've been playing football since I was 6 years old.



Name: Gabriella Anne Olivero

Age: 17

Position: RB

Favourite Football Memory: The great experience I had on my first trip to Malta with such amazing teammates.

Favourite Footballer: Alexia Putellas is my role model. The way she defends and attacks is incredibly rapid and on point.

Fun Fact: I love to cook. 



Name: Aimee Lawrence

Age: 18

Position: Central Midfielder 

Favourite Football Memory: Playing with the boys team when I was younger.

Favourite Footballer: Ronaldo, because he's been my favourite sinceI was young.

Fun Fact: I'm good at trampolining.



Name: Gianna Grech

Age: 16

Position: GK

Favourite Football Memory: When I first saved a shot at goal. 

Favourite Footballer: Mary Earps because she is who I look up to. 

Fun Fact: My older sister is goalkeeper for the Gibraltar Women’s National Team.



Name: Renai Marcus

Age: 17

Position: CDM

Favourite Football Memory: Playing my first match in a all boys league and scoring 2 hat-tricks. 

Favourite Footballer: Frank Lampard. He was a hard working, tireless runner, with a very high football IQ and a decent eye for goal.

Fun Fact: Half my family are Jamaican.



Name: Natasha Escalona

Age: 15

Position: CB

Favourite Football Memory: My first ever match when I was 6 years old.

Favourite Footballer: Cristiano Ronaldo because he's the goat.

Fun Fact: I named my dog Seven because of Ronaldo.