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The Gibraltar Football Association has today taken note of Calpe City’s FC’s public statement.

When Calpe City’s youth teams were allowed to take part in the Gibraltar FA’s youth leagues, they were allowed to do so on the understanding that they would begin working towards obtaining full membership, as Calpe City FC is not a Member of the Gibraltar FA.

At the 2021 Gibraltar FA General Assembly, Calpe City FC presented their application to the Members to become Gibraltar FA Members, but this was set aside on the premise that the Gibraltar FA engaged experts from both FIFA and UEFA to explore options around amending the Association’s statutes to potentially incorporate Youth Members in to the Association. The outcome of this review showed that different club membership statuses were not feasible.

This was communicated to Calpe City FC, and the Association together with Calpe City FC began exploring options on how to integrate the club into the Association’s existing statutes. These options included merging with an existing Gibraltar FA Member, or, submitting a new application for full membership whilst being allowed to compete during the 2023/24 season.

During the summer of 2023 Calpe City FC informed the Association that they had come to an agreement with Europa Point FC, an existing Gibraltar FA Member, to integrate their youth teams.

Over the past season, the Gibraltar FA has been conducting a wholescale statutory review, with FIFA, UEFA, the Association’s Governance and Strategy Board and representatives of the membership. Following on from their integration with Europa Point FC, Calpe City FC have contributed with their recommendations on the makeup of the Association’s rules in relation to youth membership, it’s youth football rules and youth football in general going forward.

The Gibraltar Football Association regrets entirely that the relationship between Europa Point FC and Calpe City FC has broken down, and is looking into the reasons for this fallout. Additionally, the Gibraltar FA has today met with Calpe City FC representatives, and expressed its continued assistance in ensuring that they pursue the avenues available to them within the existing Statutes, and affirming its full commitment and guarantee that no child will lose out on playing football. At the conclusion of this meeting, it has been agreed to keep in close contact on this matter.

The Gibraltar FA would like to take this opportunity to reassure concerned parents, guardians and/or carers that it has and will continue to work in the best interests of all children and the development of youth football. The Association urges any parents, guardians or carers who may have any concerns in relation to youth football to contact the Gibraltar FA as soon as possible.