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The Gibraltar Football Association has carried out an investigation following the first match of the Futsal Premier Final Four Playoffs series (“Playoffs”) between Lynx FC v Europa FC, on the 19th May 2024, in which Europa FC won 4-2 on penalties.

The Gibraltar FA’s Disciplinary Team has found that Europa FC failed to comply with the requirement to submit its Team Sheet, one hour before the scheduled kick-off time, resulting in a breach of section 15.1 of the Association’s  Futsal League Rules 23/24.

Breaching this rule and the consequent participation, in the match, of ineligible players has been considered by the Disciplinary Team to be a breach of Schedule 1 of the Disciplinary Regulations 23/24 (the “DR”), namely Schedule 1 (b) which, in turn, results in a breach of Section 37.2 of the DR. (All these rules are available to view on the Gibraltar Fa’s Website).

As a result of the above rule breaches, the first leg of the Futsal Play off finals series has been declared a forfeit and Lynx FC have been awarded a 5-0 win. Europa FC have also been fined £100.00.

Europa FC are entitled to appeal the decision, and have until 5th June 2024 to do so.  If they do, the potential third match in the Futsal Playoff series finals may need to be postponed pending their appeal process.

In light of the above, the following permutations will now need to be considered, as both teams face off in the second match of Playoff series finals this weekend, with Lynx FC now ahead 1-0 in the three match series:

  1. Should Lynx FC win match 2, there will be no trophy presentation at the full time whistle, as Europa FC have until Wednesday 5th June 2024 to submit an appeal. If no appeal is filed by this deadline date, then Lynx FC will be declared the winners in the Playoff series finals.
  2. Should Europa FC win match 2, and do not appeal the GFA’s decision above, then the third and final match of the Final will be played, as planned, on the 8th June 2024.
  3. Should Europa FC win the second match and do successfully appeal the GFA’s decision to forfeit the first match, they will be declared the futsal Playoff series winners.