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UEFA Playmakers is a sports activity like no other that delivers a fun and safe introduction to learning football, for 5–8-year-old girls, through movement, play and the magic of Disney storytelling.


Camp 1 of the  - Eastern Beach 25th to 29th July - 'Moana' themed. 

The Camp will take place from 25th - 29th July at Eastern Beach and will begin 9:30 and finish at 11:00. Drop off and pick up is by Maui's Restaurant.

Each session will represent a chapter of the film Moana, where the action and the characters are brought to life for the girls taking part. Playmakers is about movement and play, and the activities will directly reflect the narrative of the film

Please note that these sessions are aimed at girls not currently playing in football teams. All girls are welcome to attend but parents should make sure their daughters are aware that the sessions will be different from football training that they may be used to.

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