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The Gibraltar Football Association (GFA) and the Gibraltar Football League Association (GFLA) are pleased to announce a major restructuring of the domestic men’s senior league for Season 2019/20.

The restructure is the culmination of extensive work carried out jointly between both organizations over the past year. The changes reflect a common aim of the GFA and the GFLA in maximizing playing opportunities for young Gibraltarian footballers in our domestic competitions and are designed to create the conditions in which clubs are encouraged to operate within their means and focus more on local talent.

The three broad principles underpinning the new structure are:

  • Promoting the usage of greater numbers of Home Grown Players (HGPs) for more minutes on the field of play.
  • Ensuring the long-term stability and sustainability of the Gibraltar National League and its constituent clubs.
  • Developing the Gibraltar National League product and its constituent clubs as successful brands.

Sixteen clubs will participate in the new Gibraltar National League. The Intermediate League is retained as a separate U23 development league with ten teams participating, as follows:

National League

Intermediate League

1.     FC Boca Juniors (Gibraltar)

1.     FC Hound Dogs*

2.     College 1975 FC

2.     College 1975 FC (Intermediate)

3.     Europa FC

3.     Europa FC (Intermediate)

4.     Europa Point FC

4.     Glacis United FC (Intermediate)

5.     Gibraltar United FC

5.     Lincoln Red Imps FC (Intermediate)

6.     Glacis United FC

6.     Lions Gibraltar FC (Intermediate)

7.     Leo FC

7.     Lynx FC (Intermediate)

8.     Lincoln Red Imps FC

8.     FCB Magpies (Intermediate)

9.     Lions Gibraltar FC

9.     Manchester 62 FC (Intermediate)

10.   Lynx FC

10.   Mons Calpe SC (Intermediate)

11.   FCB Magpies

*Granted special dispensation to play in the Intermediate League.

12.   Manchester 62 FC

13.   Mons Calpe SC

14.   FC Olympique 13

15.   Gibraltar Phoenix FC

16.   St. Joseph’s FC

The specific details of how the new league structure will work can be found here.

A limited fixture schedule for the new domestic season will be published tomorrow (Friday 2nd August) covering the period from the 11th August 2019 to the 1st September 2019. The full schedule will be published shortly afterwards.