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The Gibraltar Football Association (GFA) is disappointed to announce that two Clubs have withdrawn from competing in the Gibraltar National League.

The two clubs are Gibraltar Phoenix FC and Gibraltar United FC.

The Domestic Licences awarded to both Clubs are rescinded with immediate effect. Consequently, as per GFA Regulations, neither Club will be able to re-apply for membership of the GFA for a minimum period of five years.

Discussions with both Clubs have taken place to minimize, as much as possible, the impact on youth teams registered with either Club. In this respect, the GFA wishes to place on record its gratitude to Mr. Brian Brosco (Gibraltar Phoenix FC) and Mr. Adrian Ballestero (Gibraltar United FC) both of whom have shown tremendous honesty and integrity in their dealings with the Association, and who have consistently worked in the best interests of the young footballers at their respective Clubs.

The National League will commence as scheduled this evening and a revised fixture list accompanies this statement. A revised information sheet setting out the new league structure (and the consequent impact on the Gibtelecom Cup) also accompanies this statement.

The National League now comprises fourteen Clubs, with ten teams participating in the Intermediate League, as follows:

Gibraltar National League

  1. FC Boca Juniors (Gibraltar)
  2. College 1975 FC
  3. Europa FC
  4. Europa Point FC
  5. Glacis United FC
  6. Leo FC
  7. Lincoln Red Imps FC
  8. Lions Gibraltar FC
  9. Lynx FC
  10. FCB Magpies
  11. Manchester 62 FC
  12. Mons Calpe SC
  13. FC Olympique 13
  14. St Joseph's FC


Intermediate League

  1. FC Hound Dogs*
  2. College 1975 FC (Intermediate)
  3. Europa FC (Intermediate)
  4. Glacis United FC (Intermediate)
  5. Lincoln Red Imps FC (Intermediate)
  6. Lions Gibraltar FC (Intermediate)
  7. Lynx FC (Intermediate)
  8. FCB Magpies (Intermediate)
  9. Manchester 62 FC (Intermediate)
  10. Mons Calpe SC (Intermediate)

* Granted special dispensation to play in the Intermediate League