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The Gibraltar FA hosted a UEFA Ethics & Disciplinary Inspectors Workshop last week following on from the recent re election of the GFA's Deputy General Secretary, Mr Ivan Robba, as a UEFA Ethics & Disciplinary Inspector for the next four years.

Ethics and disciplinary inspectors represent UEFA in proceedings before the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body and the Appeals Body.

They may initiate disciplinary investigations and lodge appeals against decisions by the Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body, and support UEFA in the event that a party lodges an appeal against a decision by the Appeals Body before the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Last week's workshop was opened by the Gibraltar Football Association (GFA) President, Michael Llamas, who underlined the important role that the ethics and disciplinary inspectors play for UEFA.



During the workshop, the ethics and disciplinary inspectors had the chance to meet together and exchange best practices related to their role and responsibilities within the whole disciplinary process.

Participants also heard a presentation on the new 2019 edition of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations and the 2019 version of the UEFA Safety and Security Regulations, as well as an update on the latest jurisprudence of the UEFA disciplinary bodies.

The UEFA Executive Committee, the UEFA President, the UEFA General Secretary or the disciplinary bodies may commission ethics and disciplinary inspectors to conduct investigations alone or in cooperation with other UEFA or non-UEFA bodies.

The Executive Committee appoints the necessary number of ethics and disciplinary inspectors and designates one of them as chief inspector.

At the end of the workshop, the chief ethics and disciplinary inspector, Chris Georghiades, commended the initiative to organise such an event and thanked the GFA for hosting it.



Speaking after the event, the GFA's Deputy General Secretary was delighted at being able to host the Workshop and honoured to be re-elected for four more years as a UEFA Ethics & Discplinary Inspector:

“It was a great honour for me to be appointed as a UEFA Ethics & Disciplinary 2017. Since 2017 I have had the privilege to work on many important and high profile UEFA Disciplinary Cases. Over these past two years I have also managed to nurture an excellent relationship with UEFA’s Integrity and Regulatory Unit and as a result they offered the opportunity to host one of their Disciplinary Inspector’s workshop in Gibraltar – an offer which I did not hesitate to accept! It was a privilege to welcome colleagues from around Europe with unrivalled professional expertise in sports law, and to have them share their knowledge and experience in an ever evolving and developing industry.

I would therefore like to thank all those who attended, and also to UEFA, in particular Angelo Rigopoulos for trusting the GFA to host this prestigious event.

Furthermore, on a more personal note, I am absolutely delighted to be re-elected as a UEFA Ethics & Disciplinary Inspector for a second mandate of four years. I feel honoured that UEFA continue to trust in me on a professional level and I very much look forward to assisting them whenever required."


UEFA's Managing Director of Integrity and Regulatory, Angelo Rigopoulos, stated:


“The Ethics and Disciplinary Inspectors Workshop was a key event for UEFA and, in particular, for the integrity and regulatory division as it came in a very important moment, i.e. before the beginning of a new 4 years mandate of UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary inspectors as recently appointed by the UEFA Executive Committee. We are very thankful to the top management of the Gibraltar Football Association for hosting this event, in particular to Ivan Robba, re-elected as UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector for another term of 4 years, who made this event possible”.




The UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary inspectors appointed for a four-year mandate (2019-2023) are:

Chief disciplinary inspector
Chris Georghiades (Cyprus)

Ethics and disciplinary inspectors
Ksenija Damjanovic (Serbia)
Dimitris Davakis (Greece)
Karl Dhont (Belgium)
Toni Garcia Alcaraz (Spain)
Igor Gryshchenko (Ukraine)
Josef Geisler (Austria)
Jean-Samuel Leuba (Switzerland)
Amir Navon (Israel)
Jürgen Paepke (Germany)
Giulio Palermo (Italy)
Jan Pauly (Czech Republic)
Ivan Robba (Gibraltar)
Prune Rocipon (France)
Rute Isabel Simões Soares (Portugal)
Luka Steiner (Slovenia)
Aldi Topçiu (Albania)
Peter J. van Zunderd (Netherlands)
Duygu Yaşar (Turkey)