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Gibraltar FA Technical staff are in Gdansk, Poland, this week attedning a UEFA workshop on Fitness in Football. 

Techical Director Desi Curry accompanied by  Head Phyiso and Player Servicxes Manager Iain Latin and Physio David Mitchell are atttending and also presenting at a  Gdańsk.

The purpose of the workshop is to share information with other European nations on the physical demands on players in competition and how a Coach Education stategy is so important if players and coaches are to achieve their full potential.


Other countries taking part are Rpeublic of Ireland, Iceland Latvia, Moldova and the hosts Poland

The workshop speakers include Josef Zahorsky fom UEFA, Chris Barnes from the Premier League, and Werner Helsen. 

Desi Iain and David will participate in practical and theory sessions and present work to the rest of the workshop on how the GFA are using modern techniques and ‘load’ strategies with our International and EYPD squads