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Gibraltar's Under 17's stepped up their preparations, for their October UEFA U17 Championship Qualifiers, over the National Day weekend with two quality international friendlies against the Faroe Islands.

Under the guidance of new Head Coach Jansen Moreno, Gibraltar's Under 17s have been preparing for a number of weeks, and these two friendlies over the national day weekend have formed a crucial part of their process in the build up to October when they travel to Finland to take on Bosnia & Herzegovina, Switzerland, Croatia and Group hosts Finland. 

The first match on National Day saw Gibraltar run out 2-1 winners over the visitors from the Faroe Islands thanks to goals from Jaiden Bartolo and Liam Jessop. 

A much changed starting XI two days later saw the two U17 sides play out a 2-2 draw with Gibraltar's goals both scored by Angel Gonzalez. 

U17 Head Coach Jansen Moreno and his staff are under no illusions though, tough opposition awaits in Finland next month but one thing is for sure, Gibraltar's squad of players will be raring to go !


Gibraltar 2-1 Faroe Islands - 10th September 2021

Gibraltar: 13. Thomas Recagno, 2. Kai Villa, 3. Ayden Buckley, 4. Michael Porter, 14. Jayron Negron, 6. Nicholas Pozo, 7. Liam Jessop, 22. Fraser Carnegie, 9. Jaiden Bartolo, 10. Carl De Torres, 11. Mohammed Abderafie Emrani. 

Subs: 1. James Rovegno (GK), 12. Kaydan Gylnn, 5. Shane Borda, 15. Angel Gonzalez (Bartolo'90), 17. Kevan Gonzalez, 18. Jesse Gomez (Emrani '75), 19. Andrew Cruz, 20. Leon Thick (Negron '46), 21. Ethan Balban, 8. Jayden Villa (Kai Villa '75).  

Goalscorers: Jaiden Bartolo, Liam Jessop 


Gibraltar 2-2 Faroe Islands - 12th September 2021

Gibraltar: 1. Noah Sene, 6. Jayden Villa, 3 Kai Villa, 14. Shane Borda, 5. Leon Thick, 10. Nicholas Pozo, 16. Kaydan Glynn, 12. Jesse Gomez, 15. Angel Gonzalez, 19. Andrew Cruz, 21. Ethan Balban. 

Subs: 11. Mohammed Abderafie Emran (Gomez '75), 7. Liam Jessop (Angel Gonzalez '75), 2. Ayden Buckley (Kai Villa '60), 4. Jayron Negron (Thick '75), 8. Carl De Torres (Pozo '75), 17. Kevan Gonzalez (Glynn 65), 13. Soufiane El Morabet, 9. Jaiden Bartolo (Cruz 75), 20. Fraser Carnegie (Balban '65).