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The all new Womens League kicks off this evening with 5 teams competing this season. 

Ahead of the big kick off, our Womens Football Manager, Laura McGinn, looks ahead to the start of the new domestic season: 


Laura, the all new League kicks off with 5 teams taking part this season. How pleased are you with this as it sees a whole new team taking part as well as the return of one of Womens Football’s traditional clubs?

It’s great to see that women’s football is continuing to grow. Gibraltar Wave are a new club and have done really well to get new players into football and Manchester are returning to the women’s league and have brought back players who used to play for them as well as bringing in players from their youth girls’ team who have been developing well over the last few years.

Can you explain the format of the Women’s League for this season?  

The league is a triple round robin so teams will be playing each other 3 times. We’re also going to have the Rock Cup taking place on Sundays and then once the 11-a-side competitions finish we will move onto the futsal league in spring.

As always, the teams will field a number of young players in their squads and indeed matchday line-ups. Surely this bodes very well for the future?

It’s great that the young players are getting the playing experience at a young age, they can learn from the experience of the older players in the league and playing against older players will help them get used to the physical side of the game. Many of the young players also play in the youth league so they’re getting lots of match time which will help with their development.

What are you hoping to get out of the league this season, and is it a realistic possibility that we will see the competition developing and expanding over the next few years?

Having 5 teams in the league will make it a more exciting and competitive league and hopefully this will help to attract more women into football, and we can expand the league even more in future years. We’ve got a lot of new girls in the youth league this season and the league is something they can come and watch and aspire to be a part of when they are older.