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We're dedicated to supporting and developing all referees to fulfil their aims and achieve their potential.That's why regardless of whether you want to referee on a Sunday or dream of taking charge of a Rock Cup Final, we have the development opportunities to help you achieve your goals. Explore this section to learn more about the training and development opportunities available to you.


Development Days
We run Development Days are available for all our Referees. Similar to the In-Service training a number of drills are delivered by GRA Referee Tutors and topics covered with the aim of ensuring all referees are comfortable with every aspect of officiating.

Development Group
The GFA Development Group are a great way for young referees to gain knowledge, experience and techniques to aid their refereeing careers. 

In-Service Training for Promotion Candidates
This day is for people progressing through the promotion ladder, the day consists of a Laws of the Game exam, Practical Training Sessions, Technical indoor training sessions and questions and answers from experienced referees. 

Respect the Ref Posters
We have produced two armbands for referees; white armbands for newly trained referees and yellow armbands for under 18 referees. The armbands have been made to remind players, spectators and officials to show support, encourage and respect referees. This message has been amplified to clubs and leagues, and we encourage clubs to download the posters to support the campaign.


Other Development Opportunities we provide are listed below:

• Monthly Newsletter with updates from the GFA 
• Monthly Laws of the Game quizzes
• One-to-one observations feedback and reports for those who apply for the promotion scheme (which is open to all referees), and others if resources allow
• Online Education through Hive Learning/Cloudlab/Perception for Perfection
• Referee Observer and Mentor Courses
• CPD training for referees (Practical and Theory)


For further information about any of these opportunities, please email