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Keep yourself busy whilst staying at home!


Football is 'staying at home' at the moment and is losing its relevance. However that does not mean that the beautiful game cannot keep you entertained whilst you stay at home and stay safe!

Children - missing school football? Enjoy our football comprehension, short story and maths board game challenges.

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  • Learn the basics of football with our basic comprehension for young children:

PDF Version.     Word Version.

  • My Most Memorable Football Moment - Write a short story on your favourite football experience as a player, or as a supporter. 

PDF Version.     Word Version.

  • Love Maths? Take on our Maths Board Game Challenge!

PDF Version.

⏰ Keep Fit at home - try this workout set by our Head Physiotherapist Iain Latin! #TrainAtHome

⏰ Keep Fit at home - try this 30 minute core workout with professional footballer Laura Feiersinger! #TrainAtHome

30 minute core workout: Work: 30 seconds. Rest: 40 seconds. 5 reps - 5 rounds

  • Round 1: Mountain climbers
  • Round 2: Shoulder Tap
  • Round 3: Shoulder Tap
  • Round 4: Plank
  • Round 5: Crawling

Football Fun

Have some fun with building your own squad, wordsearches, create your own Gibraltar kit, and take on the design your own boots challenge. Click to download: